Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunshine Earrings 20120611

 I know....I know... I am a terrible blogger.  If I don't have something done then I don't have anything to write about....I am still working on hat 2...I  put rosettes all around the top edge and it looks more like a cartoon fairy hat than something to wear every day.    Off came the rosettes and back to doing just the leaves.   I digress... back to the awesome pattern above!  

In the meantime an Big thank you to Melanie Cervi a tatting friend who shared the pattern with the online tatting class (see the original pattern here: Yes I made some changes...first the thread I was using tended to snap at very inopportune times...I think I could have made 6 pair in the time it took me to do two.   I quit trying to do the join between the just wasn't happening--I even tried hiding it under a bead...still no go.  Then the last ring/chain combination I made as mirror images (not silly mirrors but not quite exact either).  I am calling these earrings Sunshine Earrings as in real life the yellow that looks a bit tan is a sunshiny bright yellow.  The beads are a sparkly brass tone.  I will be wearing them to a wedding and reception this Saturday.  

Back for a moment to hat 2....the rosettes around the top of the crown made it look a lot like a dancing fairy hat from a cartoon....not bad...just not what I had in mind.  Off came the rosettes and now I am adding more leaves so it will be wide enough to fit my head.  Then down the sides....never fear the rosettes will migrate to the sides more of a hat band kind of thing just above the brim...yes the brim will be shade!

Peace and Happy tatting to all, Cyn


picotsnkeys said...

love the earrings! Enjoy!

Joy McKenzie said...

Love your tatted earrings
Joy in OZ