Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Foam Latte Earring

Here is 1 of the earrings I am making based on a pattern in Jan Stawasz's book Tatted Treasures 2012 edition.  The cap is on page 40 and I am doing that for a bride to be.  The earring will let her see how the points look with a bit of bling.  Peace

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fantastic weekend at Bartlesville

I was in Bartlesville OK for the weekend of July 12-14 at a class presided over by Gary and Randy Houtz.  It was a fantastic class and I want to admit this is the first class I have actually gotten 1 item DONE!!!! Yes it was the practice bobble but I was able to complete it.  I did not get the  possum done in the afternoon using the same technique nor did I get the items done Sunday morning or afternoon but I know how and can do them (correctly) even tho I did not succeed at either getting them correctly completed.  

Can someone please tell me the difference between making a chain of 15 ds and a chain of 8 ds?  Duh now you know why I messed up and could not complete the morning item correctly...I did complete it but it wasn't right. The afternoon saw my fingers getting too sore to tat efficiently so I didn't get the afternoon project done--but again I know how and can finish them correctly.  I will redo the messed up one. 

I still need to get the flowers sewn onto my hat :( but Gary asked how long it took to do the block tatted crown and brim.  He also liked the flowers that were going to be added.  Nice to have that info.  He did suggest a way to arrange them and I like it better than my way so will do it that way.  When done then pics and the how to.  It is NOT a beginner piece as I won't put the row 1 do this, row 2 do this pattern just a how to if you can do the skills.  The hat will have to fit the head it is meant for not mine...


Bumblebee Die off in Oregon....did we find the cause

Please read: http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-oregon-pesticides-restricted-20130626,0,3014501.story

If you haven't read the above link...here is the summary and then I will get on my soapbox...

In March using the pesticide "Safari" containing the ingredient dinotefuran that belongs to a class called neonicotinoids (which have been linked to the problem of hive collapse) the trees were sprayed long before they bloomed as required on the label but in late June they had 2 massive die offs of bees in the Portland-Hillsboro-Wilsonville area that killed off about 50,000+ bees--up from the 25,000 they originally thought.  The Oregon State Agriculture Department made the brave decision to net the approximately 200 trees that had been sprayed and cease the use of and even the sale of 18 products containing dinotefuran for agricultural, turf and ornamental as well as vegetable garden plantings making the use or sale of this chemical illegal for 180 days or until they have completed their investigation into the deaths of the 50,000 bees.  The option to continue the ban on neonicotinoids permanently is under investigation.

Now my soapbox....

HURRAY for the state of Oregon recognizing that a chemical pesticide derived from nicotine is not good for bees!  

Nicotine, in my opinion,  is not good for people or bees so why are the chemical companies still touting its use.  A limited search for the manufacturer of dinotefuran discovered it is manufactured in China. China does not have the regulations that in the USA that try to check for safety before something can be used in food.  It doesn't matter if it is human baby formula or pet food and treats or pesticides...they must be proven safe before being dumped into the environment.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against all chemical weapons against pests that eat our food crops because some are useful and relatively SAFE unlike the neonicotinoids.  We are fouling our planet and taking a chance on killing off the bees that pollinate 75% yes 3/4 of our food crops.  We are using a poison to kill the bees that ultimately feed us by pollinating our food crops and causing famine.  Wake up!  Get smart about the use of pesticides.  

Not only are neonicotinoids used in sprays but some people buy flea and tick collars for their dogs that contain dinotefuran along with pyrethrins.  The more we learn about pesticides including those I am writing about as well as DDT (remember the near loss of the large raptors due to concentrations of DDT in their eggs making the shells soft??) the more I question how much influence the chemical companies have over the EPA.  We need to band together and say no more random use of pesticides polluting our world.  

I saw a man put a nationally know broad-leaf herbicide and grass nutrient (Weed and Feed) broadleaf herbicide on his yard at twice the recommended concentration.  Yes he applied it by a spreader going lengthwise in his yard and then crossways (yes in a crosshatch pattern) giving his yard a double dose but he also made a spiral around his large shade tree giving it a lethal dose of herbicide.  His ornamental shrubs also died.  The Weed and Feed is registered by the EPA but he used it at more than double the concentration recommended and ignored the label that specifically states do not use within 50 feet of a tree or shrub you do not want to kill.  He had known that my DH is a forester and asked if he would come tell him what 'bug' killed his tree.  I told him it was most likely an herbicide poison in the Weed and Feed product he put on the yard as the leaves had the typical herbicide curl. It is time to ban all pesticides that are not applied by a licensed applicator to protect us all.  Currently the use of herbicides and pesticides in residential areas is at 10 times the concentration that is used in agricultural areas.  We need that to change.  

Off my soapbox.