Friday, June 15, 2012

new earring ideas....

My DH got 2 (awesome fitting) new suits.  No this is not an ad for them...On the way home he said he didn't like the dress I have to wear when we go out together (him in his new suit).  He said it looked like a K-Mart mark down (lol it was when I got it at K-Mart only $6 marked down from the marked down $12) he said lets see what we can find. The dress isn't bad just looks a bit less than it should when he is decked out in a new suit.   Right off you need to know some things...1 I am 62 and I do not fit in a size 14--haven't since middle school/Jr-hi school, I do not wear mini dresses...I prefer dresses that hit mid calf or lower and I do not do necks low enough to look into.  Now you know I struggle to find clothes.  I stopped into a (no it isn't an ad--ask privately if you need to know where) store and found 5 dresses that would fit my criteria--and me.  3 just did not look right on me.  Nothing wrong with them just not for me.  I found a beautiful blue quiet/background floral dress with a blue bolero type sweater. (original price out of my budget, markdown price at the top of my budget but additional markdown that I didn't know about until paying for the dress made it doable!!) Now the problem...LOL yes I still have a problem....I need to make more earrings! and maybe a anklet?? that will be if I have time.  I'm thinking of modifying the sunshine ones below to a more floral look and maybe a bit of a dangle type earring.  Look for the pattern eventually....Wedding of a dear friend (bagpipe player marrying a gal who doesn't want a tartan theme wedding--lol and she is marrying into his least she likes bagpipe music!) is Saturday at 6....I have time to get the earrings done...but must get busy.  Hope to post about them first of the week.


Donata Jones said...

can't wait to see the finished earrings and the dress sounds very nice.
how about joining my blog membership I have joined yours and truely enjoy building our friendship. Donata

Donata Jones said...

oh, thanks for explaining LOL
I so enjoy being in the classes with you, wish I lived close enought to get together. but at least we have the internet.