Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 a tattingaway challenge for myself

Here is a challenge for my self and others may join in if they choose. I think it can be very fun to see how I progress with all the tatting practice I'll get doing this. I've Challenged myself to make 100 motifs in 2009...Actually by the end of November. I figure it can be done with just a bit more than 2 snowflakes a week in amongst everything else I tat. I've found several patterns for snowflakes that take just 1 or 2 rounds and I think they can be done in a day--I tat s-l-o-w so we'll see how far I get. Check my blog and I'll update as I get them done and include a picture of each different kind (I'll have to figure out how to add then pictures--rotfl).

Is anyone else up to this challenge? It is an open challenge to all tatters who want to try....

My Great Grandmother (died at 103 years but not a tatter she crocheted) used to say "motion is the lotion for my old arthritic fingers". She fell down the basement steps at 102 carrying a box of home canned jelly and broke her hip. She was most upset by breaking the jelly jars! She lost 4 of the 12 that fell out of the box...If we could all be that alert and nimble at 102! Her broken hip she considered just an inconvenience compared to losing the jelly!

Happy Tatty New Year everyone, Peacefully tatting away, Cynthia