Monday, May 24, 2010

TAT Apprentice Phase 1 started May 2010

Random thoughts about beginning the Tatters Across Time, Inc proficiency program. It has 3 parts or phases. Phase 1 aka Apprentice is an incredible way to improve your tatting abilities--yes I've been tatting 25 plus years and am learning more than I thought I would over the 3 phases. I have done 1 yes just the first pattern and the learning curve is more like straight up--no curve yet!!! As per their request I will not be posting pictures nor patterns to help keep the integrity of they program intact. If you want the patterns or more information it is available from the Tatters Across Time, Inc website.

So far I have learned that the way I have been doing my rings although not wrong; there is a better way that makes them a/look nicer and b/be easier to open when necessary. I've also learned a better way to do picots and joins. Just different and it gives an improved look to the tatting I do. I now have been using the improved techniques for just a couple hours and find myself doing them automatically already. I actually have to consciously think to not use the technique until it says to in the exercise! This program is incredible just in the amount of knowledge it is sharing and pushing me to improve my tatting. The cost of the entire program is less than $200 and well worth it as far as I can see at this point. The first part is the least expensive and after the first exercise I know I've gotten my money's worth! If you are considering tackling this program it is an incredible learning experience. I'd say I started with a tatting high school diploma and the Apprentice phase will leave me a tatting college graduate with graduate school coming--not scary, not intimidating just an incredible experience available for anyone who wishes to try it. You have the time you need to do this so you don't have to tat fast just accurately and with awareness of what you are doing. You think of your tatting skill in a whole new way. Of course I have not, and will not, send anything in until I have it done as per the instructions. You do send it all in at once for 3 evaluators to decide if it needs to be improved and re-tat or it is acceptable the way it is. Kind of scary waiting for feedback after what will be several months of work and then another 2 months of awaiting their decision. I know I tat well but have not had the feedback of others "judging" my efforts. Yes the items I've tatted get raves. The specific techniques I use are just accepted and the entire item is enjoyed for what it is...not how it is constructed. I'll not loose any sleep but it is a new experience.

This is the first post on this subject and I will strive to post at least twice a month and hopefully weekly. Look out Mondays...

Peace, C