Thursday, October 4, 2012

BSE and TSE why do them???

To the gents in cyberspace who may be reading this it is info for you too so you can keep that lucky lady (or significant other) in your life with you longer and healthier. You also should read down to the very bottom as there is important information for you too. I bet you all already knew that October is breast health awareness month but did you do your BSE(Breast Self-Exam) this month? If not, do it now. Also 99% of 'funny lumps' are NORMAL so don't freak if you have a few of them in your normal breast. 

Here is some startling information:

If a woman does a yearly or occasional breast self-exam or their significant other feels the mass it is typically the size of a lemon and stage IV. The long term prognosis is not at all favorable.

If a doctor on an every 3-5 years basis breast exam discovers the lump it is about the size of a ping pong ball and stage III. The long term outlook is not good.

If a woman does a yearly or bi-yearly (every 1-2 years) mammogram the cancer is about the size of a grape and typically stage II. The long term prognosis it typical pretty good.

Now the big zinger...If a woman does a monthly breast self-exam the lump is typically the size of a grain of rice and early stage I...this is curable with a small incision to remove 3/4 to 1 ounce of tissue. No Chemo no radiation...just continue to do breast self-exams every month and yearly checkup with her doctor.

The advantage to knowing what your breast is normally is huge. I recommend every woman over 13 do a BSE (Breast Self-Exam monthly) For women who are postmenopausal pick one day a month (The first, the last, your birth day number...just pick) and do your BSE that day every month. You will learn what is normal for your breast so when you discover something "different" you can get it checked sooner. If you are between 13 and menopause choose the day after your period ends. Your breasts are the least sensitive then and you can feel for different things without any discomfort.

Now I said there is information for the gents in the group but ladies keep reading too as you want to keep the gents in your life longer and healthier too...Remember 99% of 'funny lumps' in the testicles are just 'funny lumps' not cancers.

Gents after your shower do a TSE (Testicular Self-Exam) and a BSE (yes a Breast Self-Exam). Yes you need to do that monthly too...a good time to pick is the day your lady does her BSE.

If a doctor finds a lump on the testicle because you got 'hit below the belt' and you discover something the mass will be about the size of 2 grains of long grain rice side by side and be a stage III cancer.
And the prognosis is not good at all.

If your doctor discovers a mass at a regular or occasional checkup the mass will about half size of a grain of rice and be stage II cancer and the prognosis is fairly good with the removal of the testicle.

If a man or his significant other discover the mass it typically is half the size of a grain of rice and will be stage I cancer and may not require the removal of the testicle.

Now also do a BSE as breast cancer occurs in men too and is 99% fatal as it is not diagnosed until late stage IV-V. If caught at stage 1 it is 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999% curable with a simple lump removal. Think about do the BSE! 

I hope you have read this far. If you need to know how to do a BSE or a TSE please email me and I will send 2 brochures (BSE and TSE) or contact your local cancer society or your primary care doctor. 

Now for the ladies and gents do a BSE, for the gents do a TSE also and for everyone make sure your significant other does the appropriate BSE and or TSE for themselves. 

Peace, Cynthia