Sunday, March 28, 2010

computer problems

My tolerance for computer problems has always been very low and after waiting 10 days to get my computer back, connected it all up. Started it....and it still takes 45 minutes yes that was confirmed by a count up by seconds timer!but is seemed longer! It takes 45 minutes to connect and it took 15 tries and a bunch of white screens and start overs. I promised I will not use naughty words but boy oh boy do I have a list I could put in about now! Dear hubby, Doug, will talk to the tech on Monday and I'll probably take in in shortly (March 29, 2010) after so he can try again. He thought he had the problem corrected--but I have reason to believe it is not fixed because it is still having the same problem! Until I get my computer with win xp on it back I am using Doug's computer with win 7 that is incredibly challenging to use. If someone has a way to make it work easier or explain how to make it work I'm willing to listen and try. Peace and namaste....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

posting a picture

Sorry I have been trying to learn how to add a pic for awhile. My daughter had these pearls but didn't want to put them on a post earring back so I used Nina Libin's Basic Earring Pattern and did a variation that would work for her. My daughter does not like "big" earrings (sorry Nina but she says yours are "big" we can agree to disagree on definitions here...) but wanted to wear the pearls with a black/gray/white dress that goes beautifully with her pearl necklace. I made my own variation on Nina's pattern so it worked for us--a big Thank you to Nina for sharing the pattern! Peace everyone and I will do my best to post more often and add pics on a regular basis too!