Monday, December 22, 2008

Tatsaway land in Ohio...

Hi from tatsaway land...I got to meet Georgia and Ruth (and their spouses) on our trip to Ohio this winter...Weather cooperated until about 2 hrs from Ashtabula, Ohio then the roads got slick and swirling snow made visibility interesting. We could not see to the front bumper when the snow was swirling. We did continue on as the swirling was intermittent and you could get aways before the next gust would hit. Fortunately we have driven on snowy, icy roads before and found it tiresome but not too bad.

For those of you who haven't seen the new Rozella Linden book "Celtic Tatting A Design Journey on an Ancient Theme" there is a treat in store for you when you do. I won't give away any secrets but I can hardly wait until I get to start something new...

Until I get the brace cover/cuff done no new projects! lol I really want to jump from this dull project to something fantastic and new from the book! I'm not even near 1/4 way done yet so it will be awhile before I can switch projects...more info later and I promise. T'm tired of the velcro catching on everything and making it hard to get my sweater and or coat on or off. The cover/cuff is really a necessary item to get done. I'll get a picture/scan and post the pattern when I do get it done. In the meantime you will get updates on how it is going. The way I design is try it and see then cut and start not the best method I'm sure but no fancy computer programs so it is design on the go...

Tatting in the car was more challenging than usual--maybe the black thread to blend with the brace was part of the problem. I tat slow...and it will take awhile yet to get it done. I did learn that I am actually using the GR8 shuttle correctly...but I still tat very slow. I did learn a different way tat that might be a bit quicker but it will take some getting used to and does work much better with the finer sized threads...we'll see. More on that later.

Got to run and tat some more. Peace, C


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finding my way in Tatsaway Land

A bit more of my adventures in tatsaway land. When I learned to tat the dear lady had no written or charted patterns all she did was edgings. The edgings were very elegant but used only rings and picots--the picots were not joined and there were no chains. After getting the hang of rings and picots I slowly began re-inventing everything that has been done already--except written and charted patterns.

To me patterns were something you figured out as you went with no two items ever the same even if I was trying to remember how I did it before. Joining at picots was a technique wasn't particularly good but it worked--since then I've learned a much quicker, easier, nicer, prettier way to do joins. Chains were rediscovered when I picked up the wrong thread--crochet 10 thread--and began tatting...the ring was a disaster but the chain was discovered.

My next project is to learn how to add a picture to my blog...I have a few scans but they aren't the kind of thing one wants to show off...I used them to learn to read patterns....with more mistakes than anything...maybe I will eventually post them to help others learn the easier not experience...