Saturday, January 14, 2012

a scan of what I have done so far....

This is my practice piece for the month of January 2012--the stitches included are: Straight Stitch Family  that includes straight, fan, Holbien, back stitch and shapes made with straight stitches.  The red leaf laying on its side was supposed to look like it had a higher spot but it just looks silly to me.  the empty blocks on the right of the square targets are supposed to have pink parts.  Yes I didn't get any further before I had to post it for the embroidery class I am taking.  I have 2 more weeks to go on this part so we will see how much room I actually use up on this piece of aida 14 count.  The empty white space can be filled in and below the line could become the February part.  I will post as I get things done...(supposed to do it weekly for
the class) so everyone can see how it is going.

This is the first "block quilt" block that I have gotten done.  At least it shows the colors even tho it can't show all the block.  My scanner is only so wide.  I will eventually embroider over all the seams much like a crazy quilt and add tatting, ribbon, etc to the blocks.  So far the colors are lilac, light blue, red, orange, navy blue, azure (aka turquoise), leaf green, pink, and yellow.  If I run out I will add more gingham colors..I need 43 blocks like these (12X12) , 44 more blocks that will be solids or prints in the same colors (or 44 gingham and 43 solid/print). Plus the 12 monthly design blocks...(We get to do something with the stitches that were practiced each month) for a total of 99 blocks for an 9X11 (99 blocks) quilt that will cover our bed and hang down far enough to cover the mattress and springs.  I am thinking about doing the "practice" pieces somehow to make 2 pillow shams.   I am conflicted as they are just "practices" and not meant to be "used" but I don't want to waste the time, thread, aida cloth (Okay Grama Dean don't get huffy I won't waste them...[see previous post]) so I think they may become part of pillow shams as I will have 12 blocks in 12 colors it will look okay from that stand point.  Any ideas would be appreciated for how to do the pillow shams--they won't be done for at least 12 more months before I can even think of doing them....the quilt has to come first.

Peace, C

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