Thursday, January 12, 2012

playing catch up still.....

Friends, as you know from my earlier post I had a rough week of driving to start 2012 off...That put me a week behind on my beginner Take A Stitch Tuesday...I am frantically trying to catch up and think by tomorrow I may be getting close...not fully caught up but close enough to not embarrass myself with a picture....well actually a scan of what I am doing...but for the time being...I want to show one of the quilt blocks... It needs to be ironed and is actually 12" by 12" so each of the gingham blocks is actually 4" square when sewn in...and the scanner didn't get all of it but you see the colors...

Yes I will be embroidering the block edges and adding some tatting as well.  Now for a bit more info on these blocks...There will be either 87 or 44 or 43 of the gingham blocks.  I am doing 12 additional "sampler" blocks of the stitches I am learning in the beginner TAST aka Take A Stitch Tuesday that are plain muslin with the embroidery on it...different color each month and new stitches as well that will be arranged on the top of the quilt.  I am considering making 43 or 44 of the blocks the same basic color but with a polka dot or a small the same colors as the gingham blocks.  I have looked at the store and can find only 2 colors in the polka dots--red and navy blue but all except orange and navy blue with the a tiny floral pattern that will be a nice change of pace.  But  I will be working on this project for a full year plus so don't expect fast decisions or postings.  I am expected to post progress weekly so I ~will~ do that...LOL.  I like the gingham but think a queen size quilt 9 blocks across the bed by 11 blocks long might need some other blocks to set it off a bit more.  It is not a crazy quilt but a block quilt.  As I said it is a work in progress....we'll see how it goes.  I would call the quilt a "Sampling of embroidery quilt" if I had to give it a name. 

A quick summary of the blocks as that can make it easier to visualize:  12 Sampler embroidered  blocks with 12 different colors (red, red-orange, orange,  yellow orange, yellow, yellow green, green, blue green, blue, blue violet, violet and red violet--1 color per block basically  with 3 a dark, medium and light of each color to highlight different effects). Next on the hit parade is the gingham blocks.  If I don't have enough material of these colors or can't get one (or more) of the colors I will add an additional color as needed to make  all the blocks.  That is why I am also considering adding a quiet floral or polka dots as 12 inch blocks too.  I need a total of 99 blocks (12 sampler and 87 other blocks).  Thoughts of others are nice but realize this is "MY" quilt.  ( Sorry a bit of ego sneaked in...)
Peace and hugs

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Debra Spincic said...

You might also decide you want some stitching in those squares. They look like big Aida cloth and can be a great canvas for stitching.

Have you ever heard of Chicken Scratch? It's a very cool embroidery done on gingham.