Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Welcome to the New Year

Welcome to 2012  a new year and a new attempt at doing this blog...hopefully better or at least more often than in the past.

In December as I was making bad lazy daisies around all the birthdays and anniversaries in my family (sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews as well as immediate family) on cloth calenders...I made a crazy 2012 I would learn to do embroidery better and correctly.  I joined a group and I must post to them weekly...this blog may benefit if nothing more than duplicate posts...

Each month (yes all 12!!) we will be learning a new stitch and some variations on it.  January is Red and the stitch is the seed stitch aka straight stitch aka running stitch.  The trick is to make them even and have them look good.  I should post again on Saturday...if I get it done on time...I may have to play catch up next week with 2 posts...hmmmm (already behind....sheesh and it is only 6 days into January).  The rest of the month is devoted to variations or so I think...

On December 23 we headed to my MIL's for a Christmas gathering with all Doug's siblings and families.  It was a good Christmas...a bit non traditional as we did presents on Thursday the 29th and had chili for dinner.  Beth was able to join us from Bismarck ND--a long solo drive for her.  On Dec 30 Beth headed toward our house in Stillwater OK (She wanted to spend new Years eve with a friend in north Oklahoma.) and we headed out on the 31st.  We had awesome weather for driving except for about 2 hours of misty rain right at the start.  We arrived home on Jan 1 about 3 AM  slept awhile and started helping pack all Beth's stuff from her rental storage into her truck, a UHaul trailer, our truck and brought everything to the house including her 16 ft fishing boat.  On January 2 we headed out for Bismarck ND as a parade....LOL  Alright make it a caravan...truck with boat (trailer) then truck with UHaul trailer....we made it to Bismarck in time to get the boat to a new storage place, unload the trailer and get it returned to a UHaul rental place, get the paperwork all straight for her apartment and have dinner on the 3rd.  We were exhausted....totally EXHAUSTED!  We got Beth's bed set up and we (Doug and I) went to sleep.  Beth on the other hand...emptied her truck and set up a cot.  Energy of a young adult as compared to us older parents--we remember when we could have done that too...On the morning of the 4th we headed back to Stillwater...made it to Concordia KS before getting too tired to continue.  Arrived in Stillwater about 2:30 in the afternoon on the 5th.  I learned 2 things...First,  I am too old to drive that far (5 1/2 days with no days off) and Second, driving past 10 PM is insane no matter when you got up.  According to Map Quest it is 3136.79 miles We did it in 5.5 days!!!

The above paragraph is why I am behind with my embroidery class.  Life happens...  

On a side note the UHaul place had a B-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-D day on the 3rd.  At about 4 in the afternoon one of their big commercial trailers came loose from the Semi/Tractor on the interstate and they were busy until well after dark cleaning it up.  The only good one was killed....stuff can be replaced.  I actually felt sorry for them.  They happened to stop by the office as we were trying to drop off the little rental trailer...5X8 not the huge thing they were dealing with.  They said they would do the paperwork in the morning.  I hope the rest of 2012 goes a lot better for them! (And for everyone!!!)

Peace, Cyn  


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