Thursday, October 25, 2018

This may infuriate some and sadden others while making some happy. I had become a fan of Megyn Kelly on the Today show as background sound. She is witty, smart, caring and real. I am sad to see her go.
The segment was on cultural appropriations. This was all in the line of a discussion about cultural appropriation is wearing a kimono and white face geisha or /how about dressing as Egyptian/Hawaiian, Eskimo/Native American/Gypsy/astronaut/scuba diver/disney princess/ that cultural appropriation when dressing up for Halloween or a costume party? Are we so damn up tight we can't laugh at our own foibles and the dumb stuff we did as kids? I heard her comments on "black face" (the minstrel version where white actors put on black makeup and did parodies of black culture in the 1800's and into the 20th century too. What I heard was a woman who as a child thought nothing of dressing up for Halloween in "blackface" ...we are talking about the culture of the American south in the 1950's-60's....not the most aware time in our history and still very racist. I heard her say (or it could have been body language and tone of voice-I was doing other things at the time.) then it was acceptable.. but NOW it is not. (then on to the next segment)..The following day she attempted to apologize for the way it came across to everyone. .

Here we are in the 21st century we have become more aware that this kind of parody is NOT acceptable. Is this something to fire someone over...I think this is overreacting. I have heard some black Americans come out against her...and a few...damn few noted the body language or the knowledge that it is now not appropriate. Are we so damn up tight we can't laugh at our own foibles from childhood? If so I am living in the wrong century. Note I did not say it was appropriate now nor looking back with the culture and knowledge of the early part of the 21st century.  Are we so hateful to ourselves that this is wrong? Can we not learn from our mistakes and move forward? I bet many of us did things as unthinking kids that if brought back to us now would not be included in our shining moments of life.  I am saddened by the rush to condemn what was done by a child relating how that was accepted at the time but we now know is not appropriate.  

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Ladytats said...

You are correct that people jump quickly without actually listening. I have noticed that there is an attempt to rewrite history, what is right/not right now is the only thing that matters. no allowance is given for society having a different attitude on a subject in the past.
There is also the thought that if I yell loud enough others will fall in line and we will get our way.