Monday, July 15, 2013

Fantastic weekend at Bartlesville

I was in Bartlesville OK for the weekend of July 12-14 at a class presided over by Gary and Randy Houtz.  It was a fantastic class and I want to admit this is the first class I have actually gotten 1 item DONE!!!! Yes it was the practice bobble but I was able to complete it.  I did not get the  possum done in the afternoon using the same technique nor did I get the items done Sunday morning or afternoon but I know how and can do them (correctly) even tho I did not succeed at either getting them correctly completed.  

Can someone please tell me the difference between making a chain of 15 ds and a chain of 8 ds?  Duh now you know why I messed up and could not complete the morning item correctly...I did complete it but it wasn't right. The afternoon saw my fingers getting too sore to tat efficiently so I didn't get the afternoon project done--but again I know how and can finish them correctly.  I will redo the messed up one. 

I still need to get the flowers sewn onto my hat :( but Gary asked how long it took to do the block tatted crown and brim.  He also liked the flowers that were going to be added.  Nice to have that info.  He did suggest a way to arrange them and I like it better than my way so will do it that way.  When done then pics and the how to.  It is NOT a beginner piece as I won't put the row 1 do this, row 2 do this pattern just a how to if you can do the skills.  The hat will have to fit the head it is meant for not mine...


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s loyd said...

Oh, Crud!!

I missed it!

Hopefully I will make Kingfisher this weekend. I had walking pneumonia, so there is no way I could have made it anyway.

You guys will think I dropped off the face of the earth.

See you soon.