Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why not tat during the 10 o'clock news....

Last night I was ready to start a new washcloth...yes I tat around washcloths to make them pretty!  Also the tatting almost always outlasts the wash cloth and we get the 'good' kind not the cheapies.  My daughter had one that lasted almost 20 years before the cloth wore out so it is not a waste of tatting.  Also I was told to not use an item as in save it for 'good' or 'company' or 'the new house' was shaming the person who made it for you.  We use our tatted washcloths and hankies and everything else and enjoy it!

Back to the edging...I spent all the half hour of the news and the first part of the Tonight show tatting, cutting off or retro-tatting, and starting over on what should be an easy pattern...I had the "corner" directions.  I could see the first part would be the straight part for the edge...but could I just tat that?? NO WAY could I do it.  It was one failed attempt after another...I tried starting with the blind chain...the rings would not attach right, I tried starting with the ring but it would not work either....AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!
I considered calling my daughter, in the morning, and telling her that edging won't work...but instead, before I went to bed,  I emailed the problem to the awesome tatting goddess Georgia and asked her if there was "just the edge" not the corner available for the pattern.  In her great wisdom and tatting insight she sent me the better still didn't have the straight part shown but....ta...da....ta..da...(drum roll belongs here) it makes 100X more sense!  She didn't say duh just do the first 3 rings and chains repeatedly she just quietly sent the pattern in a better form and by golly it makes sense in the morning light.

I have completed 2...repeats and it works!!!!!  Even us experienced tatters can be stymied by a relatively easy pattern...maybe that is why I teach the beginners and will help them and not let them give up...I won't give up on them as I know they are "smarter than the thread"! 

When you are done laughing and rolling on the floor go tat something beautiful! 


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picotsnkeys said...

ah yes..... things do look different in the morning light! Good for you for not giving up and asking for help and keeping at it. Will you be sharing a picture?