Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cappry aka my Capricorn goat (Yes I am a capricorn--1/10, too) is waiting for the second one and they will both be added to the shirt I got at Palmettos Tat Days... The stringy thread at the bottom will be used to sew it on so I didn't bother hiding it.  The 2 goats Cappry and Corn (okay quit groaning....) will be on the sleeves just above the elbows.  I plan to do at least 1 full motif from each "event" I've attended--FLTS (Finger Lakes Tatting Seminar) aka Hector both plus this year, and the single time I made it to Palmettos so far and the TIAS in 2011 (rooster--my first TIAS)....So the fuller the shirt gets the more events I will have gotten to attend. The thread is Lizbeth 20 in Springtime.


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picotsnkeys said...

what a neat idea to sew it onto a shirt! Picture when finished????