Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breast Self Exams save lives

Everyone, men included should be doing their breast self exams. Yes the gentlemen should also be doing them...same technique as the ladies use. If everyone did their own breast self exams the incidence of fatal breast cancers would be cut by 90%...The size of a tumor found by a doctor at an occasional checkup is the size of a marble and stage V, by a doctor at an annual exam it is the size of a small grape and stage IV, by the occasional breast self exam a pea and stage III but by the monthly breast self exam a small grain of rice and stage I--curable by outpatient surgery and seldom even needs anything else but the more attentive followups by a good medical team. That said many women do not get mammograms often because of the cost. Most Insurances pay less than $100 on a total cost (x-ray reading by a specialist) that typically costs $250. The Breast Cancer site has a program to help fund mammograms for the un- and under-insured. Please click on the icon and follow the directions...Thank you

The Breast Cancer Site

Peace< Cynthia

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